With a passion for beer and a desire to start a unique craft beer experience, Beau Schmitt and his buddy Mike Sill opened up The Brew Project. Located in one of San Diego’s hippest neighborhoods, Hillcrest, The Brew Project has a draft system that carries 30 taps, serving strictly local craft beer.


Exclusively Local Focus

Since their inception in 2013, The Brew Project is the only beer bar that exclusively serves such a wide selection beer brewed in the county. According to co-founder Beau, “Everything has to be brewed within San Diego line. And what that does is let the consumer know that anytime you come here you’re supporting only local craft breweries.” This heavy focus on locally produced brews is a key part of the experience at The Brew Project. Their concept is often described as “a San Diego brewery tour under one roof” and they definitely deliver on this.


From the outside, The Brew Project looks like a warm inviting house, and once you step in you’ll notice the alluring bar and the long row of taps behind it. They are a full service bar that not only serves local craft beer, but a unique brewedinthehouse Chocolate Peanut Butter Jameson whiskey that is a house favorite.


Operational and Marketing Success

With so many beers on their menu, Beau uses Evergreen to help streamline his marketing efforts and print menu process. Beau’s determination to share the beauty and culture of San Diego craft beer is shown through his myriad local taps. They are constantly pouring local beers, so on any given day you can walk up to the bar for an established local favorite or a hot new beer that was just released. To keep customers up to date with what they’re currently pouring, they use Evergreen to simplify that process.

“We’re in operations and everything we do, we try to create a system for so that it is scalable. It doesn’t matter if I’m here or not, the manager can use Evergreen, the staff member can make changes, and it’s simple. Evergreen helps standardize all that which makes it easy. Things such as printing out new menus. It’s awesome! The functionality of Evergreen is super easy. Everyone gives our menus good responses.”

Bar, restaurant, brewery owners like Beau are always looking for ways to improve their overall operations and marketing. Evergreen has proven to be a core tool that helps simplify the process of running your business so that you are able to focus on more pressing matters!