Grandville, Michigan

In a suburb of Grand Rapids, Ernie and Ed Peters run Peters Gourmet Market, a family-owned store started by their father after WWII to service the Dutch community. Still known for offering stroopwafel and other delicious Dutch imports, Peters Gourmet Market is now a destination for craft beer, specialty wine, confections, and a pretty big “Made in Michigan” selection of food, wine, beer, and cheese.

“We are always bringing in new options because that is what drives sales.” Staying stocked with seasonal brews and keeping the wine variety constantly changing, Ernie was looking for a way to keep customers informed of what was in the store.  

The website integration has been our best feature. People search for a particular beer and find it on our website through TapHunter.

Ernie looked at a couple of different apps and found that they weren’t suited to help his store. Then he learned about TapHunter and found it had more of the capabilities he was looking for. In addition to using TapHunter to update his website, Ernie also uses TapHunter to communicate through his social media channels.

“All I have to do is enter new arrivals on TapHunter, and it will post for me to twitter and Facebook quickly and easily. Doubling exposure without doubling time.”

As a true family business, you can find any one of 5 different family members working in the market and offering a wine or beer tasting (99% of the beer they carry is craft.) They also focus on local, Michigan-made beer and wine. And, don’t forget to pick up a stroopwafel.


When in the Grand Rapids area, hop over to Grandville and see what Peters Gourmet Market has to offer .