Tips for Better Beer Sales [WEBINAR]

As a bar owner, there are a variety of means you can employ to increase your beer sales. Cocktails and liquor have been known to outpace beer sales, but if you’re a craft beer bar owner, or simply looking to sell more, have no fear! The following are just a few ways to get that boost in revenue and showcase your beer more efficiently.

Know Your Market

us market
The type of beer you choose to sell should be entirely dependent on your location.  In any business, catering to your market is directly related to sales.  If you are settled in a large and affluent business area, try offering more upscale, and pricier beers. If you’re located in a college town, and your patrons don’t have a lot of disposable income, you may want to consider some inexpensive selections. You can also consider happy hour and other beer specials to draw in the correct crowd, and increase revenue.


Carry (the Correct) Craft Beers Webinar

Since the industry is growing at exponential rates, you should have no problem offering a unique variety of beers. Take note of new brews that sell, and cut your losses on anything that isn’t popular. You should also consider hosting some seasonal varieties, as those can be big sellers during certain time periods. The concept of your restaurant can also determine the types of beer you choose. For example: if you’re an English pub, you might want to consider imports from the UK.  Sticking to your theme, and why your customers come there, can be essential to how well your beer sells. Watch the webinar for more insight.

The Right Draft System

draft system

Choosing the wrong draft system in your bar can really affect your overall sales. A few common types include: air-cooled, direct-draw, and glycol systems.  Some factors that should determine your choice are: the space you have available, how many drafts you can actually carry, and where your coolers are located.  Knowing these things, and doing a little research, should put you on the right track to improve profit.


Group and Showcase Your Taps
beer towers

In the bar industry, time and speed also equate to money. Instead of having your drafts spread out across the whole bar, group the beer towers together. This will allow bartenders to pour several different types of beer at once, rather than having to run back and forth to fill a single order.  The increase in speed and efficiency will gain repeat business, and will result in greater profits.

Showcase your beer towers, and make sure your taps aren’t hidden from customers. Drafts often draw the most attention at the bar, and you want to put them at the forefront of your customer’s line of vision. Since drafts are fresher, flavorful, and garnished, they generally cost more, so make sure you promote them the most.

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This is probably one of the most important ways to increase your sales, but also one that can be detrimental to them. It’s a very temperamental science, and one that can either put off patrons, or drive them in flocks.  If you’re not sure where to start, check with your local competition. Who is popular?  What are they selling, and at what price? Check their menu and have a few brews. See where you would improve on their own pricing, based on your experience as a customer.

Try to keep beer costs as low as possible.  Beer is known for being the “cheaper” drink in a bar, but if you value your craft beer, and know enough about each one, pricing shouldn’t be too hard. One way to measure how to price craft beer is the overall beverage cost. Obviously, the more it is to purchase for your bar, the higher the price tag.

Lastly, tailor to your market. College kids are probably not going to pay a large price for a single beer. They may spend the same amount of money, but by keeping the price low, you keep them in there spending. If your establishment is upscale, people will expect to pay more, so don’t short change yourself.

digital drink board

Of course if you’re making all of these changes, you want to inform your patrons.  Whether it’s a drop in price, a new seasonal, or the start of a happy hour, people need to know.  The TapHunter app is a highly utilized program in the industry for promotion. Evergreen’s simple dashboard also allows you to notify all of your social media accounts at once when you update your drink list.  They can also help you to install digital menu boards that can alert customers of any new changes.

No matter what avenue you choose to explore to increase sales, know that it may need fine tuning every now and then.  If you are paying attention to what is selling, your market, and what your customers want, you should do just fine!