New TapHunter Features – August 2015

Check out the new dashboard features that are live in all TapHunter business accounts.

Consumer email login on the website:
Mobile users can now log into the website with their email instead of Facebook info.
feature 1 email login taphunter

Featured beers on web and print menus
Customers that use the “Featured” button in the dashboard can highlight certain beers in the print menu and website menu.
feature 2 web feature taphunter
feature 2 print menu feature taphunter


Hide brewery info on web and print menus (good for breweries)
For our brewery customers. This feature allows you to hide the brewery name and location on your print and website menus.
feature 3 print brewery omit taphunterfeature 3a web brewery name omit taphunter

Collect calories from breweries
Due to new regulations affecting customers with 20 locations and more, we’ve added a section for breweries to add the calories of the beers they make. This is located in the brewery tool section.

feature 4 calorie taphunter


Facebook Posting Updates
New updates to Facebook post composer allow customers to choose what image they’d like to post (Location Logo, Brewery Logo and Beer Logo if Available). The actual post itself has been reformatted to auto fit the image.
feature 5 fb post ex. taphunter feature 5 fb posting

Rating gauge to get customers to do more
This new gauge, located in “your location” tab helps customers know what to set up next. Our goal is ensure customers are getting the most out of their subscriptions.
feature 6 dashboard gauge taphunter


Finding beers that are on deck when adding beers
If you have a beer in an “on Deck” list the new feature will notify you if you try to add it to your live list. The prompt tells you that this is already on deck and asks if you’d like to move it to the live list.
feature 8 on deck notifications taphunter