Digital Menus: Spring With Evergreen

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Design digital menus for your bar or restaurant this spring using Evergreen’s digital menu feature.

With the arrival of spring, there has never been a better time to implement positive changes at your bar or restaurant.

Evergreen’s digital menus make placing orders easy for your customers and staff, and the quick customization options for every season, event, holiday, and sale are sure to bring more business through your doors.

Keep reading to learn how investing in Evergreen’s digital menus can get your restaurant or bar blossoming this spring. 

Springtime Borders & Backgrounds

A significant perk of digital menus is how simple they are to redesign. Changing the background image for your digital menu is as simple as changing your phone’s wallpaper.

Image Options

Evergreen partners with Unsplash which makes the background images are abundant, from cherry blossoms and tulips to bunnies and butterflies!

However, keeping your brand’s original designs in mind when choosing a background image for your springtime menu is essential.

If you own an upscale Italian restaurant or a speakeasy-style cocktail bar, a digital menu background image of bright yellow baby chicks most likely doesn’t match the overall vibe of your business.

Instead, try to keep your brand’s distinct personality present even with the addition of springtime elements.


If you prefer to keep things simple, skip a background image and stick with a solid color.

Our convenient color slider allows you to customize any color until you get the perfect shade for your springtime menu.

Consider adding borders or banners around your menu text for simplicity with a touch of dimension.

Add Spring-Themed Food & Drinks

Whether your restaurant is offering fresh salads topped with seasonal fruits and veggies, or your bar is adding fruity cocktails and floral mocktails to the menu, everyone loves a good spring-themed treat.

Once you’ve decided on fun seasonal goodies you want to include on your menu, it’s time to use Evergreen’s digital menu feature to customize your menu and make your new options pop.

High-Quality Photos

Linking your business’s social media accounts with your digital menu will help keep your brand consistent, especially during seasonal changes.

If you’re using social media marketing to promote your restaurant’s seasonal citrus chicken with roasted carrots, use the same high-quality photos on your digital menu. 

This way, when customers come into your restaurant after being enticed by your social media marketing, they can easily find and order the meal that made their mouths water in the first place.

Farm Fresh Ingredients

It’s always an excellent idea to spotlight the vendors who keep your restaurant stocked with top-tier ingredients, and springtime is an especially great opportunity to do this.

Using farm-fresh produce, meats, and dairy products from local farmers shows your dedication to providing your customers with the cleanest foods possible while supporting local businesses within your community.

And nothing screams “spring” quite like seasonal produce from farm to table!

Spring Into Savings

Take those spring-themed treats and use seasonal phrases to sell them at a discounted price. 

Hoppy Spring, Everybody!

Offer a rich, bitter IPA flight through the end of April while referencing the lighthearted fun of the Easter Bunny. 

Blooming Good Deals

Whether you’re selling a crispy, deep-fried blooming onion or a refreshing margarita topped with strawberries and edible flowers, any deal is a good deal. 

Mother’s Day Bottomless Mimosas

Sometimes straightforward sales pitches are the way to go, especially for spring holidays like Mother’s Day and Cinco de Mayo.

Year-Round Benefits of Digital Menus

Thankfully the huge benefits of Evergreen’s digital menus don’t stop at simple design changes and seasonal savings.

No Paper, No Waste

Digital menus are environmentally friendly, and by using them, your business will significantly reduce the amount of waste produced by traditional paper menus.

Covid? How About No!

Constant handling of paper menus, and an inability to disinfect them, means germs spread quickly.

Digital menus are accessed electronically with no need to be wiped down, making them the most hygienic option.

But Wait, There’s More

For more reasons why our digital menus are the best option for your business, check out The Benefits of Evergreen’s Digital Menus For Your Restaurant or Bar.


As you spring your business into new levels of success with Evergreen’s easy-to-learn digital menus, our team is here to support you along the way. 

Reach out for a quick demo. We will have you set up in no time!