Is it time to ditch the spreadsheets?

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Webinar: Five signs that you're ready to digitize your beverage inventory process today

One of the toughest challenges when running a bar/restaurant has always been managing inventory. It's all too easy put this critical task on the back burner when things get busy..

Join us to learn when it's time to digitize your inventory in order to:

About the Webinar:

Save valuable time

Reduce the risk of employee waste

Improve inventory accuracy

Make more informed purchasing decisions

Spend more time in the front of the house!


Hillary is Director of Sales at TapHunter, where she leads a great team who are all passionate about connecting bars and restaurants with thirsty customers looking for a refreshing experience. HIllary brings a wealth of sales and marketing experience to her role, and her favorite aspect of her job is helping bars and restaurants grow their businesses and attract new customers.

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