Restaurant/Bar Owner Hacks to Save you Valuable Time & Money

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Restaurant hacks webinar with TapHunter and Industry.Co

Learn about all the best tactics to help you run a better, more efficient, and more effective business.

Every bar or restaurant has to do a million things in order to be successful on a given day, but not everyone knows the best hacks to accomplish their tasks most effectively. 

Join us to learn about some of the best hacks that will help you to:

  • Save valuable time & money
  • Master your staffing process like a champ
  • Up-sell your high end beverages
  • Benefit from being a part of your local community
  • Run a better business with improved culture and communication
  • Improve your customer experience

About The Webinar

Hillary is Director of Sales at TapHunter, where she leads a great team who are all passionate about connecting bars and restaurants with thirsty customers looking for a refreshing experience. Hillary brings a wealth of sales and marketing experience to her role, and her favorite aspect of her job is helping bars and restaurants grow their businesses and attract new customers.

Errol is the Founder of Industry. As a service and hospitality veteran of over 20+ years, he is proud to be a part of a network whose soul purpose is to see his fellow industry professionals succeed in their career and life. He truly believes INDUSTRY ( can keep that promise by being your 1 stop shop to find and post jobs, connect w/others in the industry community, and get access and inspiration from Industry thought leaders all around the world.



Watch the Webinar
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