Frequently Asked Questions

Digital signage

What hardware is required for Evergreen digital signage?

We provide the necessary hardware to power the digital signage, all you need to have is a T.V.

Do I have to pay for the digital signage hardware?

There is a one-time investment of $145 for each hardware unit.

Can I power multiple digital screens with Evergreen?

You can power multiple screens with Evergreen at no additional monthly cost.  For all screens that you want to display the same content, you can use one of our hardware units with an inexpensive splitter that you can purchase online.  For each additional screen that you want to display different content you will need a separate hardware unit to power that screen.

What kinds of files can I upload to your digital signage?

You can upload images to your digital display using the Evergreen dashboard. This includes scheduling the day and time you want a promotion to show, as well as controls for manually showing or hiding particular promotions whenever you’d like. Supported file types include png, gif, and jpg. Video support coming soon.

How do I update my Evergreen digital signage?

Digital signage from Evergreen can be quickly and easily updated from your Evergreen dashboard. For menu item updates, simply update your menu in the Evergreen dashboard and the changes will immediately be reflected on your display. You can manage promotional images from within the Evergreen dashboard as well.

What kind of digital menu designs do you offer, what do your digital menus look like?

We have a digital menu builder, which allows you to customize the font you want to use, font color, number of items per page, background image and color, promotional image slides, and social media images. Our customer success team can help advise you in designing your menu, and there are a number of templates that you can base your design on.

Social Media

What social media networks can Evergreen help me manage?

Evergreen can help you manage your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

Will Evergreen create social media content for me?

Yes and no, Evergreen will make it easier and more efficient for you to post on social media but will not create content for you. If you schedule a post in the Evergreen dashboard, it will send it out without any further action but our team does not actively create post content for you.


What online review websites can Evergreen help me manage?

The review sites that Evergreen integrates with are Yelp, Facebook reviews, and Google reviews.

Will Evergreen dispute negative reviews for me?

No, Evergreen will help you to monitor your reviews better so that you can take the appropriate action of responding to them.