The popular platform used by hundreds of happy bar and restaurant owners now offers tools for breweries.

Ensure those pouring your beer have the correct info!

Manage how your brand and beer appears in the TapHunter database. Ensure that the bars and restaurants serving your brews have the correct logo, beer description, ABV, IBU and style. Once you edit all of this information it will lock in our database so you are the only one who has access to change it. You will also get tagged on Twitter whenever a location on TapHunter puts your beer on!

List your brewery on the TapHunter app & website!

Increase your exposure and drive traffic through your door with a listing on the TapHunter app and  The free TapHunter app, available for iPhone and Android, is used daily by over 140K craft beer fans looking for great beer! Plus, your fans can follow your brewery to stay up-to-date and get notified when you update your beer list. Also, if they follow your beers they will get notified when they go on tap around them!

Promote your events to the right audience!

Drive sales with special TapHunter Offers!

Reward your loyal fans and drive new customers to your location with special TapHunter offers! Simply input your offer and it will show up in the hands of thousands using the TapHunter app. Popular TapHunter offers include "Buy one, get one 50% off" or even just "Free high five with the bartender". Plus, offers are great for tracking your ROI and seeing how many people TapHunter is driving into your brewery. 

Have a limited release party coming up? Want to encourage your fans to try the food truck that comes every Wednesday? No problem! Use TapHunter to promote all of your events to the right audience. Simply input your events manually, or choose to pull them directly from Facebook, Google Calendar or iCal. Your events will automatically show up on TapHunter so those looking for an event tonight will know exactly where to go. We will also send out a tweet promoting your event the day before!

"TapHunter not only helps drive new customers into our tasting room, but the tools also save us a ton of time by automating our day-to-day tasks. Plus, our marketing team loves the added exposure to our new locations. "

Bryan Bell

Operations Manager, Coronado Brewing Company

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