Why A Cursed Restaurant Space Is Now A Hot Spot in San Diego

Chances are you’ve seen a CLOSED Yelp page. The Fleetwood, listed above, seems to have been a cursed restaurant space over the last 3-4 years which has sadly rotated through 3-4 different restaurant concepts all with unique owners. That all changed just recently. Nearby residents have flocked to The Blind Burro, posting a healthy 127 reviews and a 4 star rating on Yelp.

So what gives?


This group gets ambiance and design, where the previous locations were stale and uninviting. The Blind Burro also focused on getting the operational details ironed out before inviting the public. Managing Partner, Frank Miller, hosted Friends and Family night over the course of 3 nights. They offered a full menu free of charge in exchange for a survey upon leaving. Miller commented that guests didn’t hold back and were brutally honest.

This tactic must be working as Frank Miller is a part of several other area locations that have succeeded too.

Here’s 3 things The Blind Burro has perfected and you should too:

  • Develop a brand and stick to it. From their logo and website to social media and their print menu, The Blind Burro brand is the same fun, playful Baja California experience you get while sipping homemade sangria on tap at the bar.
  • Get to know your customers personally. When is the last time you walked around your restaurant,  introduced yourself to a customer and asked how everything was going? You’d be surprised what they might share with you.
  • Simplify your menu. Here’s a refreshing food menu design.  Easy to read with food and ingredient definitions. Don’t leave your guests confused.

Miller commented further, “with Yelp, social media, and Food Network people are much more educated than they were 5 years ago. You have to have trained knowledgeable staff and be able to pull of great food.”

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