The Business of Beer, Episode 67 with RateBeer Founder, Joe Tucker

ratebeer founder joe tucker

In this episode of the Business of Beer with Andy “The Beerman” Coppock, we are joined by RateBeer Founder, Joe Tucker. He joins us to talk about how RateBeer began, the collaboration with TapHunter, how TapHunter users will have access to RateBeer scores, and much more!

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Show Notes:

– How did RateBeer begin?
– What was your background prior to RateBeer?
– There are other online beers communities out there. How is RateBeer different?
– You’re here in San Diego working on some things. Can you give us some insight into what you’re working on?
– How will RateBeer and TapHunter collaborate?
– So TapHunter users will now have access to RateBeer scores?
– I’ve met dozens, if not hundreds of beer people through the site through connecting at events and bottle shares. I even met our mutual friend, Dr Bill Sysak through RateBeer. Talk about the community of RateBeer.
– I know one thing you are extremely proud of (and rightly so) are the RateBeer Awards. Can you tell us about that?
– You’re pretty active on social media. Recently there was a bit a discourse over the “new england IPA” that you got a ton of response to. Can you explain that?
– Do you have a particular favorite brewery these days?
– What’s next for RateBeer?
– Where can people keep up with you on SM?

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