The Business of Beer with Co Founder and Chairman of Stone Brewing Co., Greg Koch

The Business of Beer, Episode 44: Greg Koch  – Co Founder and Chairman of Stone Brewing Co., Greg Koch

greg kochIn this episode of the Business of Beer with Andy “The Beerman” Coppock, we are joined by Greg Koch, Co Founder and Chairman of Stone Brewing Co. Greg joins us for the second time to talk about what craft is, what Stone’s ideals are, how they stay ahead of the trend, and of course all things beer. If you’re a fan of Stone Brewing Co., you don’t want to miss this!

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Show Notes:

10 Barrel, Elysian, Four Peaks, Golden Road, etc have been gobbled up by ABInBev, and closer to home Ballast Point and St Archer were acquired by Constellation Brands and Miller/Coors respectively. What does this mean for craft/independent beer?
– One of the things you talk about there are the ‘Ideals of Stone’ What are those ideals?
– One of the terms you used was fiduciary duty…for our listeners what does that mean?
– Even with an ESOP or Employee Stock Option Program, breweries can be approached and subsequently sold to a larger concern, right?
– What about ‘Moral Values?
– With all of the activity going on, I guess the question for consumers is “What is Craft”?
–  Isn’t Stone sitting in the same position as AB 80 years ago?
– How do you protect the brand without becoming what you’re striving against?
– How do you keep up with or even stay ahead of the trends?
– Let’s talk about Yachts, Hookers and Blow…
– What is the biggest threat of the ABInbev-SAB Miller merger?
–  One of my concerns is the burring of the lines and the sometimes outright flaunting of the 3 tier system. What does that mean for consumers and small brewers?
– One of the things we keep hearing from the acquired breweries is the mantra that “Nothing Changes…business as usual” How do you respond to that?
– What about Private Equity? Is that a threat to independent craft?
– Where do you see what we call craft in 5-10 years?
– How can people contact you or interact with you on SM?

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