Rock Bottom Brewing’s Head Brewer, Carli Smith

The Business of Beer, Episode 39: Carli Smith  – Head Brewer of Rock Bottom Brewingcarli smith

In this episode of the Business of Beer with Andy “The Beerman” Coppock, we are joined Carli Smith, Head Brewer of Rock Bottom Brewing. Carli joins us to talk about all things beer! If you are interested in craft brewing, this podcast is for you!

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Show Notes:

– How did you get involved in the beer scene?
– What was your background before that?
– What was your inspiration to get into craft beer, beside the drinking part, of course? Was there a particular beer or moment of epiphany?
– San Diego seems to be well represented from the female side of things. Do you think there’s a reason for that?
– Who were your mentors?
– What made that relationship work?
– Considering your age, are you in a position to mentor other women?
– What’s your ‘go to’ beer or beer style?
– Do you have a guilty pleasure beer?
– Rock Bottom is part of a pretty big restaurant group. What challenges do you have to deal with there?
– Back in the day, brewpubs only sold their own beer and the styles tended to be pretty tame. Has having guest beers forced you to step up your game?
– How much freedom do you have?
– How do you see technology and social media’s influence on the Craft Beer Movement?
– Speaking of social media, where can people find you on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram?

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