Revamped TapHunter App & Brand (launching Nov. 5 2014)

Let the Hunt Begin!

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Do you LOVE craft beer, specialty cocktails and spirits? Are you craving a hoppy IPA, bitter-sweet old fashioned, or even dying to find that rare single malt Scotch that tastes like nectar of the Gods, but you just don’t know where to find it…right now? Perhaps you’re itching to try something new, explore what’s out there, and hunt down the tastiest beverages in town?

If you’ve ever used TapHunter to find a rare beer, then you know how easy it is to locate what you want, when you want it, no matter where you’re located. Well, we have even better news fellow Hunter…we’re expanding the hunt!

Although we’ve established ourselves as craft beer enthusiasts, here at TapHunter we’ve refreshed our brand and expanded our app for a reason—to strengthen our commitment to and passion for quality, innovation and style. We’re dedicated to connecting you with the bars, breweries, restaurants, and drinks you already love, as well as helping you hunt out new and exciting locations and beverages. Just wait and see what we’ve ‘tapped’ for you!

Check out some highlights of what our new TapHunter app delivers…

• We’ve personalized the app by adding a custom Activity Stream of your preferred breweries, bars, beers, spirits, and styles.
• This new Activity Stream provides you with an ongoing feed of information curated specifically around your favorite locations, styles, and products.
• This new stream is also geo-located, enabling you to tap into your Hunter spirit and get out there to discover new locations nearby. Discovery-based apps aren’t just for tourists anymore!
• The new and improved search function will allow you to zero in on where those rare beers and spirits, and specialty cocktails are located.
• Updates to your favorite products, styles and locations are now automatically added to your Activity Stream, making it easier to stay cutting edge-current.
Discover new and unique brands of beer and spirit styles you follow, as they are now automatically added to your personal stream. No more need to seek them out by name; we’ll bring them to you!

Ready to start hunting? Download/Update our FREE revamped TapHunter app in the App Store or Google Play!



Want to keep up-to-date with your favorite place and don’t yet see them on TapHunter? Recommend them below and we will reach out right away.


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