TapHunter Films Presents: 5 Reasons You Don’t Need TapHunter

Why, yes, when we aren’t busy rescuing kittens from trees, helping elderly women cross the street and simplifying the lives of countless bar and restaurant owners we do find time to dabble in filmmaking. Last

Tech Trend Report: iPad Menus featuring STACKED CEO Paul Monteko

Technology is solidifying its place as a top trend in the restaurant industry as we are seeing more mobile reservation systems, loyalty programs, payment procedures and smartphone apps every day. One of the boldest technological

Celebrate Fall at Your Bar

Are you ready for Fall? Yes, the days are going to start getting shorter, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t reason for you and your customers to celebrate this Fall! You just have do your

Craft Beer Economics 2: More Cities Mixing Business with Pleasure

Sure, Europe’s got Munich, Prague, and Brussels, but we have, well, too many quality craft beer cities to count. Every time we turn around another one has burst onto the scene and on its way

TapHunter Ticket Giveaway: San Diego Craft Beer and Cocktail Showcase

TapHunter Contest Alert!  If you don’t have it already, download the TapHunter app and put it to use because… We’re giving away 2 tickets to The San Diego Craft Beer and Cocktail Showcase on August

How Bars are Promoting on Instagram

Instagram made major waves a few weeks ago when it released its new video sharing feature. It was an instant hit, with 5 million uploads in just its first 24 hours live. Media sharers everywhere

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So you want to host your own beer festival? It sounds like a great idea — what could be easier than getting a bunch of people together to try some good beer?! We joke. Planning

Craft Beer Economics: Mixing Business with Pleasure

Drinking beer is no longer just for fun. Cities across the nation are utilizing the craft beer industry to boost economic growth, creating a booming culture driven equally by profit and pleasure. Here is a

This Week in #CraftBeer: #OrangeCounty

Storify by This Week in Craft Beer Wed, Jun 19 2013 14:00:10 Each week we feature a different city and a snapshot of their craft beer scene. Here’s a few things to check out if