How to Jump Start your TapHunter Success

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We created this short checklist for you to help jump start your TapHunter success. Check off the 6 tips below and you are well on your way to success!

Put out your TapHunter promotional material

  • Table tents work best in high traffic areas like standing areas and bar tops.
  • Posters are great by the front door, bar area and bathroom walls. The point is to get people to download the app and favorite your location.
  • If you run out of promo material and want more…
    • 1. Go to your TapHunter dashboard
    • 2. Click on the ? box in the upper right corner
    • 3. Click on “TapHunter Assets” tab to print your own or order more
      table tents taphunter


Link your Social Media in the TapHunter dashboard

  • Go to the “Social Settings” tab and link your Facebook and Twitter account to install live menus and send automatic updates to your fans.
  • menu taphunter


Install your Website Menu from your TapHunter dashboard 

  • Go to the “Website Menu” tab and follow the direction to add a live beverage menu to your website. If you would like us to do it for you, email your website login info to [email protected] and we are more than happy to do this for menu taphunter 








Create a “Special Offer”

  • In the “Your Location” tab, scroll down and add a “Special Offer” to help drive mobile users in your door.
    th offers taphunter


Encourage customers to follow you on TapHunter

  • Any customer that follow your location through the TapHunter mobile app or website will get automatic notifications every time you update your list and/or have an event going on. Copy and post the picture below to your Facebook page, Twitter feed and Instagram account.
    social media taphunter


Promote that you’re on TapHunter through your social media channels

  • Post a status on Facebook encouraging your customers to download the TapHunter(TH) app and follow your location.You can also send out a tweet letting your followers know you are now using TH. Or simply post the pictures above on your Instagram account.