How to Advertise Flights on Your Digital Menu

digital menu screen

Flights are a great way to showcase the array of beer options at your brewery or bar. Beer culture is defined by creative and bold flavors and sometimes people aren’t sure what they want. Flights allow guests to sample new items or refine their palates to narrow down what they want.

If you’re not sure where to start, consider a tap takeover. Tap takeovers are a major trend in the beer world and a great way to create partnerships in the community, both with beer vendors and your patrons. There are also financial benefits to hosting tap takeovers and/or offering beverage flights.

According to Craft Brew Business, guests spend 25% more on visits when your staff suggests a flight. Consider a taproom that has 500 customers visit each month. An additional $10.17 per visit works out to over $5,000 per month and more than $60,000 per year in sales.

Flights also bring the opportunity to market your business in unique ways. For example, there might be variation in the glass shape or the paddle on which the glasses are placed. More importantly, though, is the way the flights are marketed.

Thankfully, if you use digital menus, it’s easy to market and update your flight options. Here are three ways to advertise your flight options through digital menus.

Option 1

The most prominent option for showcasing your flights is to portray them as menu items. This requires you to list the name of the flight as the name of the menu item itself. The associated contents will be included as a sub header. For example, if you have an IPA flight and a Brewer’s Flight, “IPA Flight” would be the menu item name and the specific beers featured – Space Dust, Double Mind Haze, etc. – would be listed in the sub header.


Once updated in the back end of your restaurant software, it renders beautifully on the front-end:


Option 2

If flights aren’t an integral part of your menus, there’s another option that’s more subtle. List the flights as a footer. This requires you to simply enter the information in the promotions section of the digital menu tab.


While this provides less detail than other options, it’s easier to integrate and allows for the bulk of your digital menu to remain open for other higher-margin items or promotions.


Option 3

List a taster price for every beer applicable and let your customers mix and match without mandating particular the contents of a flight. This requires you to list a (typically) 4-oz pour size in the multiple pour size section and list at least two pour sizes on the digital menu.


This option is nice in the sense it offers customers more flexibility in being able to create the flight that’s most appealing to them.


Have Fun

Flights are a great way to connect with patrons and integrate new beers into your establishment. When done well, you’ll also be able to increase community engagement as well as your bottom line. Reach out if we can help integrate your flight into your digital menu. Cheers!