Host an Awesome Meet-the-Brewer Night at Your Bar

What’s better than discovering a beer you absolutely love? Discovering that the beer you love is just one of a drool-worthy selection of brews, all made under one roof.

That is one reason why bars host a meet-the-maker night, or tap takeover; it’s a popular way to get customers’ attention, and to develop great relationships with other businesses. Spotlight one brewery, distillery, or winery, and customers will seek you out for flights of their favorites and tasters of something new. Just remember this simple acronym–KROW–to give your customers something to sing about at your meet-the-maker night.

Keep-the-Glass Promotion
Add value to your customers’ experience by collaborating with the guest business to offer a branded glass at your event. A limited edition glass is even better, implying exclusivity for your customers. An added bonus: A keep-the-glass offering is also a relatively low-cost promotion.

Rare Tastes
Entice the curious, and current fans alike by tapping a rare keg at the event. If the drinks you serve are otherwise hard to find, you’ll welcome a lot of people who are on the hunt for something new and unique.

On-site Education
Fans of specific drinks often like to learn more about them, and about the company that makes them. Kick off your tap takeover by inviting your customers to ask questions and provide feedback to the makers you are hosting. Ask a rep from the business to share the inspiration behind a speciality drink being served that night. Customers will leave with fun facts to share with friends, and maybe those friends will tag along for the next tap takeover event!

What’s on Deck?
Promote a tap takeover and any specialty or rare drink offerings through your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Update your calendar of events on your website, on local events listings, and through your events list on TapHunter to directly notify your customers. TapHunter’s On Deck feature (see sample image) also allows you to create an event-specific tap list, so you can prepare it in advance, share it publically, and swap it out with your regular offerings at the click of a button. Whatever you do, promoting what’s on deck at your tap takeover will have customers salivating, and planning ahead to come to your event!

Remember this acronym, and you’ll really give your customers something to KROW about when you host a tap takeover or meet-the-maker event that includes free swag, fun facts, and of course, fantastic beverages.

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