The Need for a Positive Bar Atmosphere

A positive attitude from the top-down is a major factor in the success of any bar. That is to say, you need to radiate the kind of behavior you want to see in your pub.

Are You Realizing The Full Potential Of Your Bar Staff?

Owning a bar can be tremendously rewarding – regular customers, being a community fixture and just having fun. Exhausting might be another way to describe it and not only from the physical drain of long

Summer Done Right at Your Bar in 3 Steps

  With summer upon us, it’s critical as a bar owner that you are on your A-game. The weather is warm, people are taking vacation and everyone is looking for a good time. You need

Debunking Common Myths About Beer

Anything that has a history as rich and lengthy as beer, is bound to have several myths and misconceptions attached to it. As a bar owner,  knowing the truth behind these tales will not only

Is Email Marketing Relevant For Your Bar?

With technology moving more rapidly every day, it can be difficult to not get caught up in the next big marketing thing. Should my bar be using Snapchat? Is an email list worth using? There’s

Most Americans Live Within 10 Miles of a Brewery

In a recent interview with Kate Rogers from CNBC on the Nightly Business Report, TapHunter CEO Melani Gordon expanded on the craft beer movement, and the importance of local and high quality products. “Many Americans

Why Your Bar Needs A Content Calendar

First of all, what does “content” mean? It’s a broad term that gets thrown around by “experts” such that it seems a Holy Grail needed to bring your bar marketing new levels of success.  Content

How to Handle an Intoxicated Patron

Dealing with an intoxicated patron is an unfortunate, but important, job for most bar owners. Given the sensitive nature of these situations, it never hurts to brush up on best practices for handling a difficult

Digital Drink Boards: Why you Should Install one Today!

Any bar owner that offers a variety of craft beer can tell you one of the challenges is keeping up with the menus. The common go-to has always been a chalkboard over the bar, which

5 Signs of a Solid Craft Beer Bar

With consumer options for beer bars expanding all the time, how does your establishment stand out from the crowd? Having good beer and possibly food are obvious choices but you also want people to know

Why You Need Digital Drink Menus

If you own a bar, you are busy. Period. Opening the bar, serving customers and closing the bar is hard work. There are an endless list of details that need to be addressed like managing

Tips for Better Beer Sales [WEBINAR]

Beer’s resurgence in popularity due to the craft beer movement has made it a profitable source of income for many bars and restaurants. With a few key tricks up your sleeve, you can dramatically increase

How Many Beers Should I Keep on Tap?

For any craft beer bar owner, or any bar owner exploring the varieties of draft beer, this is truly the ultimate question.  How much is too much?  There are many craft bars seemingly stocking up

How to Solicit Customer Feedback

Customer testimonials are a powerful marketing tool for businesses, and with so many ways to offer opinions online today, it’s a more powerful tool than ever. So, why should you care about testimonials and how

What is a Certified Beer Cicerone?

When owning a craft beer bar, it’s important to know all of the ins-and-outs of the business; which moves far beyond just serving different styles of beer. Since craft beer is such a young industry,