The Business of Beer with Rick Abitbol Founder of Brewery Rickoli

TapHunter Podcasts, Episode 9: Rick Abitbol, Founder of Brewery Rickoli – winner of the Samuel Adams Brewing & Business Experienceship Award at GABF 2013

rick abitbol

Rick Abitbol won the Samuel Adams Brewing & Business Experienceship at last year’s Great American Beer Festival (GABF). He joins our TapHunter radio host Andy “The Beerman” Coppock on-site at GABF 2014 in this episode of The Business of Beer to discuss his winning beer, gluten-free beers, and what Brewery Rickoli has in store for us next.

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Show Notes

  • Winning the Samuel Adams Brewing & Business Experienceship Award at GABF 2013
  • Sam Adams giving back to the craft community
  • Science behind Gluten-free beers
  • Gluten-free vs. Gluten-reduced
  • Gluten-free doesn’t mean lack of variety

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