The Business of Beer with Jesse Houck from Golden Road Brewing

The Business of Beer, Episode 12: Jesse Houck, Brewmaster at Golden Road Brewing – canning craft beer, the key to making a great IPA, and much more!

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In this episode of the Business of Beer with Andy “The Beerman” Coppock, Golden Road Brewmaster Jesse Houck joins us to talk about how he got into brewing, the LA craft beer scene, the key to making a great IPA, and more. This is a must hear!

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Show notes:

  • How Jesse got into the industry as a homebrewer and student in UC Davis’s Master Brewers Program 
  • Grunt work in working at a brewery – 90% cleaning, 10% brewing, 100% fun
  • The particular beer that opened up the world of craft for him and showed him that beers can have flavor
  • Jesse’s goto and guilty pleasure beers
  • How he got his brewing start in San Fransisco and 21’s Amendment Brewery
  • How he feels about canning craft beer
  • How social media opens the doors for breweries that don’t have a big marketing budget
  • It is harder to get a miss then it is to get a hit with food & beer pairing
  • The LA craft beer scene has great beer, a great energy, and an excellent vibe
  • Where he sees the craft beer industry in 5 years and how he feels about every neighborhood having their own brewpub
  • Golden Road’s simple recipe with a basic foundation and combinations that aren’t changing
  • Understanding your ingredients, getting the best ingredients & knowing your hop farmers are the key to making great IPA’s
  • How Golden Road’s hefe is different from others
  • What’s coming out next for Golden Road and where to get the Ginger Bread Stout holiday seasonal

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