Bar Expert Quiz

Are you a bar expert? Do you have what it takes to run your bar to the top of your market and not into the ground? Take our TapHunter Bar Expert Quiz to find out.

Question #1) I don’t need to invest in marketing for my bar because:

a) I have lots of regulars
b) Marketing = / = Sales
c) I already have a website
d) None of the above

Answer: d) None of the above

Of course you need to market your bar! Whether or not you have regulars who come in consistently, you must seek new sources of consumer growth for your bar. What would happen if a new bar opened up which took all your regulars away from you? You cannot rely on an existing base and expect to stay in business.

Additionally, marketing may not be the same as sales but the two sure do have a lot in common! Marketing techniques help to increase sales totals. You may have the best on-tap list in your metro area, but if customers don’t know about it, then you won’t be making any sales.

If you already have a website for your bar, great! A website is a necessary step toward effectively marketing your bar. Having a business website is expected these days; any business without an online presence won’t last long. Make sure your website is up to date, user friendly, and easy to find for maximum impact.

Question #2) My staff needs to know:

a) Beers on tap
b) Styles of our beers
c) Which beers are on deck
d) All of the above

Answer: d) All of the above

Your bar staff are the first line of defense. They stand in place of the owner and are the liaison to the consumer. Understandably, you probably wouldn’t hire a bartender who looks dangerous and unsafe. This would reflect poorly upon your establishment.

So why would you let your bar staff go out into the wild ill prepared?  Customers expect to encounter staff who are familiar with the drinks they’re serving, and who will provide helpful, informed recommendations upon request. The three things your bar staff should know off the top of their head are what beers are on tap, the styles of those beers, and which beers are on deck to be tapped in the near future.

Without knowing this information, your staff cannot, in fairness, serve a paying customer who deserves (rightly so) a certain level of service. Make sure your bar staff has a way of keeping on top of this information.

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Question #3) True or False: Consumers usually look up menus online before deciding where to eat or drink.

Answer: True

The modern age of technology connects people and businesses like never before. According to our data, 81% of mobile consumers have searched for a bar or restaurant with their mobile device. In addition, 88% of consumers who look up a bar or restaurant on their device call or go into that business within 24 hours.

Customers want information before they decide where to go for a drink or a bite to eat. They want to see your menu. 80% of customers say it’s important to see menus before making a decision about which bar or restaurant to go to. 84% of consumers look at more than one menu online when making a decision, and 62% are less likely to choose a restaurant if they can’t access an online menu on their mobile device.

What does this mean for the bar expert? It means in order to be competitive your menu must be accessible and easy to read on a mobile device like a smartphone. If you aren’t marketing yourself to a mobile-friendly crowd in mind, you are missing out on a lot of potential business.

Question #4) True or False: Consumers are likely to check social media when making a purchasing decision.

Answer: True

Did you know that the average American adult spends 11 hours on electronic media per day? Where do you think they are spending the most time? If you answered on social media you’d be correct: when they are online, Americans are most likely to be on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more. Since 60% of all social media time is spent on mobile devices instead of desktops, the majority of this is done on the fly as opposed to while sitting at home.

Here’s an interesting fact: when consumers search Google for a business, they are more likely to click on a social media link than a website link. When was the last time you did a Google search for your own business? Do you know what pops up first? If your social media pages are showing up high in Google’s searches then you can better believe consumers are clicking those links.

What does this mean for the bar owner? It means that having a savvy social media marketing strategy is key. Since we know that a vast majority of consumers search for menus online, it also means that having an up-to-date menu on social media platforms is necessary.

So how does your bar stack up? Would you call yourself a bar expert?

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