Tips for Running a Successful Bar

Running a bar can be quite the challenge and there are generally more stories of failure than successful ones. Here at TapHunter we don’t want you to fail, so we are here to help! Read through these seven quick tips to ensure your bar not only stays up and running, but also remains profitable!


1. Train your staff.

An educated staff is essential to running your business. You don’t want to risk frustrating your customer’s because their bar tender or server doesn’t know something as simple as what is on tap. Make your location stand out above the rest with a highly educated staff!

Tip: With the TapHunter tools your employees get push notifications when the beer list changes so they know what’s on tap before getting to work!


2. Create a signature drink.

Give your location an identity with your own unique drink. Make sure that people have a reason to go in to your location and not that other bar down the street.

Tip: Give it a fun & memorable name!


3. Organize the back bar.

You don’t want your bartenders running into one other all night and wasting time going from one side of the bar to the other. Make sure to organize the back bar so it makes sense. For instance, put your beer glassware next to the tap handles so the bar tenders don’t have to walk around to fill a beer.

Tip: Watch your staff for a night to see where the problem areas are and then fix them accordingly.


4. Market your drink specials.

You should always make sure to market your drink specials because it is a quick and easy way to draw both new and existing customers into your location! You can market them simply through social media, or if you have the budget for it a well-constructed happy hour menu along with some promotion material goes a long way!

Tip: The TapHunter tools allow you to promote your events and post special offers.


5. Use a POS system.

A busy night with lots of customers and employees requires a system to help organize orders and keep track of transactions. Once you get a POS system, you will not be able to live without.

Tip: Create a button in your POS to track the success of your new signature drink!


6. Keep an eye on pour levels.

One of the quickest ways to lose money at a bar is inaccurate pouring. When bar tenders pour differently every time it will not affect your inventory on hand, but it will also give the customer an inconsistent experience.

Tip: Companies like Bevinco specialize in auditing bars to work on decreasing their losses and increasing their profits when it comes to inventory management.


7. Change the drink menu frequently.

Offering a variety is very important for any bar. Try switching up your beers on tap to incorporate your many customers’ different tastes. It also gives you a chance to do away with the items that aren’t selling. You could also think about offering new cocktails with the seasons. Give your bar tenders a chance to be creative and mix something new up!

Tip: The TapHunter tools will notify your customers when you change your beer list or put their favorite beer on!


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