5 Big Bar Trends for 2015

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Bar patrons have become better educated about their favorite wines, beers and spirits. The up-and-coming bar trends in 2015 will aim to meet the sophisticated and evolving tastes of both regular and sporadic customers. Expect 2015 to be all about craft brews, spirits, local ingredients and massive amounts of information. It’s not yet clear what will be the next big liquor or cocktail, but these bar trends are already gaining traction in the F&B industry. Read on to discover key tips for bar owners.

1. Locally Sourced Everything

As consumers demand more locally sourced food for environmental and health concerns, we expect this trend to bleed over into bar marketing. Some examples of local trends include:

  • Whiskey distilleries in Texas
  • Craft beer in the deserts of New Mexico
  • Wine made from grapes grown on Manhattan rooftops

These establishments provide locally sourced drinks destined to be a major trend. A massive list of craft distillers put out by Whisky Advocateis a sign of the growing “everything-must-be-local” movement.


2. Craft Beer in Cans

This trend has been ongoing for the last few years, and the number of craft breweries that can their brews have already doubled since 2012. In 2015, expect the glass vs. aluminum debate to heat up within beer marketing. The shake out? Bottles aren’t going anywhere, but you should be prepared to pour even more canned craft beers into clean glasses.


3. Ramped-up Mobile Presence

Look for more and more mobile use by consumers to find local bars and restaurants around them. Bars and restaurants can capitalize on this by ensuring their website is mobile friendly. If a user cannot find what they want on your website in a matter of seconds on their phone they will move onto the next one.

Additionally, this increased online competition between bars has opened up a new market for applications that help bar owners maintain an online presence. Some examples include Yelp and TapHunter. Yelp is great for foodies and those who love to read reviews! TapHunter is great for those who love craft beer and spirits and what to see exactly what is available around them.


4. Digital Drink Boards

At its essence, the digital drink board displays a bar’s beer, spirits, and cocktail menus. Digital boards are a unique way to market liquor and spirits while representing the bar’s brand. Draw attention to your menu with TapHunter’s personalized design options.


5. Tableside POS + Entertainment

Look for point-of-sale tablet technology, in general, to ramp up in 2015. Restaurant technology, through the use of tablets, will not only allow bar guests to order and pay table side, but it will also provide access to games and other online features as well.









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