4 Types of Technology to Increase Bar Revenue

In this ever-changing landscape of technology, bar owners must stay on the cutting edge to not only entertain their patrons, but increase revenue. There are several types of tech that you can install in your bar to really up the ante, and draw in a considerable customer base. The following are 4 types of technology that can really bring in the dough.

Get Mobile

taphunter app

Although a good Yelp rating can get you on the map, it’s all about mobility these days. Often in order to answer that midnight question people have of “where should we go next?” visibility on a popular app is essential.

TapHunter offers a great app that informs customer’s of what you have available in real time, and if you have a favorite of theirs in stock. This type of customization will in turn drive more people through your door, and ultimately increase revenue. It is also an incredible time saver too!

Visit here to learn more about the app, and what it can do for you.


raleigh beer garden taphunter

A major trend that’s quickly picking up speed, is allowing the customer the ability to have their own choices, viewed right from their seats. TapHunter offers the latest in technology, so you can literally throw that chalkboard away!

The digital drink menus displayed, are powered by a small device called the Framboise, which is discretely hidden away. It plugs into your pre-installed T.V., and provides your patron’s a live menu of the bar’s beer, spirits, and cocktails available at the moment.

Choosing from either a personalized option built by our custom developers, or a convenient standard option, guests will always feel uniquely accommodated.

The Perfect Pour

Every bar owner knows that a lot of alcohol can be lost on the over-pour. Amo Eno also has high-tech wine dispensers that provide the perfect pour each time. At the Park 112 in Harlem, patrons can dispense their own self-serve samples with an Enomatic machine. Of course there is always a bartender on hand for safety purposes.


What is a great bar without stellar entertainment? A lot can be done in this area, from installing an interactive jukebox, to a superior sound system. Coin-Op Game Room in San Diego is a great example of a bar that features plenty of games for their customers to enjoy. Some bars even feature Xbox rooms, for your gamer folks.


Technology is all about giving more control to your patrons, while keeping them amused and in your bar longer. Through mobility, communication, the perfect pour and entertainment, you’re sure to hit it out of the park with guests in your bar!