3 Instagram Marketing Tips for Bar Owners

instagram tips for bar owners

You don’t need us to tell you the statistics on Instagram usage to know it’s a hot social media network. Just type #craftbeer into the Instagram search bar and be overwhelmed by the sea of related postings. As a craft bar owner, you need to capitalize on this flurry of activity because your customers are not only using it they’re probably discussing your bar. Here are 3 simple tips to up your Instagram marketing game.

Make Use of the Profile Link
Unfortunately, URL’s in your Instagram posts do not function. So you’re left with the one listed in your profile. The obvious choice here is a link to your bar’s website. But how can we mix it up and create more engagement? Try a regular rotation of promotional posts that ask your customers to take action using this profile link. You could link to a landing page that collects mobile numbers for your text message marketing program. How about sending users to the full gallery of your latest tap takeover after drawing them in with a single Instagram post? Get creative.

Post Frequently
You can argue for posting on a daily, perhaps even twice daily basis with Instagram. But really, you need to be posting with a frequency that fits with your available time. Don’t sacrifice quality posts for quantity but also try not to go more than a week without posting something. An easy way to have fresh, regular content on hand is with your TapHunter account. Every time you update your beer list, your Facebook page shows a post with the new beer you just tapped. Simply take a screenshot, of this post, that shows off the new beer name and brewery logo for a quick and easy Instagram image (see example below). And don’t forget to tell your fans to follow you on their TapHunter app!

facebook instagram taphunter


Partner with Influencers
Influencers could be anyone from athletes to an Instagram user with a huge following. If their style is in alignment with your bar, they’re a candidate. Saint Archer Brewing does some great brand ambassador work with among others, pro surfer Taylor Knox. Let’s say you’re a craft bar with an ocean lifestyle brand in a market packed with surfers, like San Diego. Would it be a stretch to get Mr. Knox and Saint Archer to post a photo of him drinking the latest Saint Archer brew on tap at your location – to their massive feeds? Probably not, use your imagination!

We could come up with a long list of tips and tricks for how you, as a craft bar owner, can use Instagram to your marketing advantage. But these are a few that we think you can implement relatively easily. If there’s something you’re already doing that’s working, let us know in the comments below!