Why Don't All My Followers See My Facebook Posts?

Most business owners these days have a Facebook page and an audience of followers who see when they post, but not everyone realizes that not all of their followers actually see every post. The reasoning behind this is the news feed algorithm that Facebook uses to decide which posts to display in a user’s news feed. Let’s dig in a little deeper and explore to the answer to the question - Why don’t all my followers see my Facebook posts?


As we mentioned above, the inner workings of the Facebook news feed algorithm is the main reason that all of your followers don’t see all of your posts. This algorithm is what decides what content shows up in every user’s news feed, and it uses a number of different factors to make that decision. Some of those factors include what posts and pages that user has “liked”, what pages they follow, and other information that Facebook knows about that user.


This is the method by which Facebook tries to show relevant content for each user that it thinks they will like. Part of this process is deciding how best to mix content from business and content from friends and family. As long as the news feed algorithm has existed, it has attempted to show users a particular blend of different content that’s unique to each user.

More recently, Facebook has changed the mix of this content to favor posts made by their friends and family over content that’s posted by businesses (you can read Mark Zuckerberg’s post announcing this). Part of the reasoning behind this has to do with the controversy over the 2016 election and fake news posts showing up in users’ feeds more often than they’d like, and part of it has to do with users generally engaging on their Facebook feeds less often.

In general, the reason that all of your followers don’t see your Facebook posts is that Facebook curates the content in every user’s feed. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t prioritize posting on Facebook, it’s just a good thing to keep in mind about how Facebook works.