Why Local Businesses Should Consider Digital Displays

While the term “local business” covers quite a broad range of businesses, one thing that all local businesses have in common is the goal of providing an excellent customer experience. In today’s day and age with the convenient nature of platforms like Amazon that can ship just about anything to you and Netflix that makes many people never want to leave your house again in favor of binge-watching the latest season of the latest and greatest series, local businesses need to find their own way to capitalize on technology in order to provide a superior experience for their customers and keep them coming back. With that in mind, let’s explore why local businesses should consider digital displays.


Digital Menus Provide Convenient Information

One use of a digital display is to showcase a menu of service or products that your business offers. This can be great for menus that change often due to the ease with which a digital menu can be updated if you are using a modern system like Evergreen. Depending on the type of business you operate, digital menus can be strategically placed where your customers place an order or in a waiting room in order for people to be able to consider their options in advance.


In either case, digital menus offer a convenient additional source of information for your customers to evaluate a purchasing decision. The more accessible you can make your menu to your customers the better their experience will be, increasing the chance that they will become a repeat customer.


Promote What’s Important

Another advantage of digital signage is that you have the opportunity to promote whatever is important to you in a simple and dynamic manner. If you have specials for certain items on some days of the week you can display a promotional image to spread awareness among customers in a more eye-catching way than with traditional signage. An additional benefit of digital screens is that they’re significantly easier to update than physical posters or signage and so any short term or recurring promotion is easier to manage.


Showcase Social Media & Engage Audience

A digital screen can also be a great opportunity to showcase your social media content or to give your customers a chance to have their posts about your business featured. This can help you to introduce people to your social accounts in an inviting way that is much more engaging than just informing people how to find you on Facebook or Instagram. If you decide to go the route of featuring your customers’ posts, this can be a great way to drive brand affinity and also to help increase exposure for your business since your customers will be incentivized to share content about your business.


Even though there are a wide variety of businesses that consider themselves part of a local community, they are united in their desire to thrive and provide their customers with a great experience. Digital displays can be a perfect way to have an efficient and effective means of communication within your business.