The Value of Digital Displays for Social Media and Promotions

Many business promote special offers or anything that they want to highlight to their customers using physical posters and signs, but digital signage is becoming more and more common. One of the big benefits of going digital is the ability to do more with promotions and also social media than you can do with more traditional signage. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the value of digital displays for social media and promotions.


Promotions on Digital Signage

A promotion can be one of many things, maybe an event or a new product, that you want to let your customers know about. Typically when you want to promote something, this involves designing the promotion, then printing it and arranging it in just the right spot. One of the problems with this is that after you do all of this work, your promotion is static and only ever promotes the one thing that it was originally made for. You also have a limited amount of space for promotions, and since they are static that means you have a limited number of promotions that you can display at any given time.


Taking your promotions digital solves a lot of the issues mentioned above. No longer does a promotion have to be static and only address one topic, with a digital display you can have promotions rotate through on every screen so that each one can display as many different promotions as you want. This also means that the amount of promotions you can show is no longer constrained by physical space, in the space of one T.V. you can display a virtually unlimited variety of promotions.


Social Media on Digital Signage

With traditional signage options, the best you can do to promote your social media is to list your account names on various networks and/or your branded hashtag and hope that your customers will seek out your accounts. This is still better than doing nothing, but it’s certainly not ideal.


With a digital display you can create a more interactive experience for your customers using social media. One way that you can do this is by displaying your own social media posts. This allows anyone on your premises to see first hand what you are posting online with the potential for them to see something that really catches their eye and makes them want to seek your business out online. Another option is to display posts that your customers are making about your brand, typically posts in which they have tagged your business specifically. This incentivizes people to post about your business so that they can see themselves featured up on the big screen. An additional benefit of this approach is that every time someone shares a post about your business that results in more exposure for you to their entire network.


Digital tools open up the door for a lot of new was to engage with your customers and to create a better experience for them. In an age where more and more transactions are taking place online it’s important for brick and mortar businesses to evolve their tactics in order to provide their customers with the modern options that they are starting to expect. Digital signage is a major part of this, giving your customers more visibility into information about your business, and digital promotions are one example of how digital signage can power great customer experiences.