Marketing Your Local Business on Social Media

Local business operators used to be able to attract new customers and build a community around their business solely through physical interactions with the people in their neighborhood, and while that’s still a great idea it’s become important to build that same kind of connection in the digital world too. That’s where social media comes in, and it’s why marketing your local business on social media is so important.


While it’s as important as ever to market and build customer relationships in the real world, never before have there been so many great opportunities for doing so online, specifically on social media. Let’s explore how to effectively market your business on social media a little further.


Getting Started on Social Media as a Business

When it comes to getting the word out about your business, social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are a great way to reach the most people possible as efficiently as possible.


If you’re just getting started with social media it can be best to set up one account first, and then branch out to other networks once you have a solid foundation on one. For instance, many businesses will create a Facebook account first and get some content started there. This allows you to get accustomed to making regular updates without being too overwhelmed at first. Once you feel comfortable then you can branch out to another platform or two and expand your efforts.


It’s important to take into account your brand identity when getting started on social media as a business. Try to be very intentional about what kinds of visuals you display and how you word things so that it closely resembles your brand. If you have a fun and lighthearted brand, try to reflect that in the way that you portray your business online. Similarly, if you have a more serious brand, make sure your social media images and descriptions align with the way that you see your business and what will resonate best with customers.


What to Post on Social Media as a Business

Once you have an account all set up it can be hard to figure out what you should post about, many businesses fall into this trap of not posting online because they’re not sure what to post about. Fortunately, local businesses owners often have a ton of creative things to post about even if they don’t realize it. Products for sale, special offers, events, or even just nice looking pictures of the business itself are all good ideas for content that will drive awareness to your business.


It’s a good idea to take as many pictures as possible when you have the opportunity, and save them in a shared folder (like Dropbox or Google Drive) so that they’re available whenever you go to post on social media. This can be helpful later if you plan to create social media posts in batches, which is a great idea by the way. Using a tool (like Evergreen) to schedule a bunch of your social posts all at once is a great way to stay consistent with your posting and generally post more often and reach more people.


Getting Your Business Posts Seen on Social Media

After you have a solid amount of ideas to create posts, it’s important to try to remain consistent and post as often as is realistic for you. If you can post every day that’s great, but consistently posting 2-3 times per week is still great too and is often sufficient to get the word out enough. It’s also a great practice to look around for popular hashtags that are being used on different social networks and include these in your posts so that other people can find your content easier.


If you do end up using hashtags in your posts, it’s a great idea to engage with other posts that used those hashtags too. By liking and commenting on posts similar to yours, you can catch the attention of other people on social media and draw more attention to the content that you’re posting. This is a great way to help your posts be seen by more people without having to pay any money for advertising.


If you can create a variety of different posts on a consistent basis and use hashtags to be discovered then you’ve got a good start on effectively marketing your business on social media. The internet and social media specifically present a fantastic opportunity to reach more potential customers for free, and you can tap into that opportunity by effectively using social media for your business.