2016: The Year for Digital Drink Menus

You might already have digital drink boards or maybe you’ve been on the fence about upgrading those chalkboards. Either way, 2016 is going to be a great year for digital menus.

We’ve had tons of feedback and put our team to work to create a better standard digital drink board experience moving forward. New templates have started to roll out keeping layout updates, functionality and personalization in mind.

Check out one of our newest designs “Raceway“. This new standard template has the built in capability to…

– Automatically adjusted the layout to display up to 30 beverages per screen
– Display events and personalized messages
– Add advertisements into your board
– Include bottles, on deck and other beverages
– Use company logo as a background
– Sort by categories
– Highlight your “Nitro” , “Cask” and “Featured Beverages”

raceway template

Ready to Get Started?

If you currently have a standard template and would like to swap over to “Raceway” at no extra charge, please email us at [email protected].

If you don’t currently have digital drink boards but would like to learn more CLICK HERE.